DRMcNatty brings expert insight to every client, program and project we manage. Our careful planning, rigorous research and strong leadership allow you to focus every resource on achieving project success. From developing the initial scope all the way through project closeout, our decades of experience mean you’re in safe hands. We have the solution to fit the size and specific needs of your company.

PMIS Implementation

A Project Management Information System (PMIS) delivers critical information to project participants to make informed and timely decisions.  A PMIS solution is more than a single point solution.  An effective PMIS solution organizes project data by coordinating various applications and their data into a cohesive whole.  This consolidation delivers ROI though efficiency of data usage, and higher quality data to provide better decisions.

Our advisors can help with:

  • Organizational Change Management Strategy
  • Data Management Strategy
  • Data Integration Plan
  • Reporting Solutions

Unifier Implementation

DRMcNatty has the knowledge and expertise to support a Unifier Implementation of any size. DRMcNatty developed a programmed data migration strategy to bring all active projects and associated documents into the Unifier system. DRMcNatty can support a successful deployment and user adoption in a sustainable and robust system that will continue to evolve.

What to expect:

Improved Project Visibility
Enhanced Collaboration
Customizable Workflows
Streamlined Data Management
Improved Cost Control
Robust Reporting Capabilities

Staff Augmentation

We have an experienced management team that is excellent at finding and training our staff. DRMcNatty is dedicated to providing you with team members who fit your organizations needs and level of experience required. We provide internal training for our young professionals that cover all aspects of program management, project management, and project controls. We have a rigorous interview process that we use for hiring experienced professionals, and promote continual education through classes, seminars, and training.

We have experts ready to help you:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Schedulers
  • Cost Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Contract Managers