Case Studies & White Papers

DRMcNatty has been in business for over 27 years therefore over the years we have worked on programs and projects big and small. Below are a range of global case studies for the projects controls industry using a variety of software and solutions to deliver projects on time and within budget.

The extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over these years has elevated our standards to provide our industry with breaking edge unmatched expertise.

IndustryTitleTechnologies UsedOverviewPDF
UtilitiesSan Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) Sunrise PowerlinkContract Management Interface, Primavera P6, Primavera Contract Management, One Touch PMThe project required coordination of many diverse resources. Major materials were supplied through vendors in India and Dubai, and manufacturing submittals were reviewed electronically through these systems. In addition, collaboration between many contractors, consultants and internal SDGE staff required immediate access to key documentation. Detailed weekly environmental reporting was required by the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”). In addition, work needed to be directed over the large work areas, closely monitoring resources and manpower…READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesEastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Inspector Daily ReportsPrimavera Contract ManagementEMWD has been using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) since 1994 to manage ongoing construction documents with their own internal staff. The district was not managing Daily Reports in PCM. They were faced with several large upcoming projects that would require multiple inspection teams…READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesEastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Payment Request InterfacePrimavera Contract ManagementEMWD has been using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) since 1994 to manage ongoing construction documents with their own internal staff. The district was not managing Payment Requests in PCM because they required functionality not found in PCM. The District needed to add over 25 custom fields to…READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesEastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Contractor’s Submittal InterfacePrimavera Contract ManagementEMWD has been using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) since 1994 to manage ongoing construction documents with their own internal staff. The district was planning to execute several unusually large projects over the next three years and was faced with the temporary hiring additional project administrators to support these projects….READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesEastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) Project PlusPrimavera Contract ManagementAs part of the DRMcNatty support for Primavera at EMWD, various applications, integration utilities, custom reports and dashboards had been developed for EMWD. The district wanted to provide role based access to various project participants from Grant and Loan Managers to Project Managers and beyond to external stakeholders and funding partners… READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesMajor California Gas and Electric Utility Company – Integrated Reporting DashboardPrimavera P6, SAP, DashboardA major California gas and electric utility (“the Utility”) uses a variety of software applications to store and report on project controls information. The primary applications used in the enterprise environment are Primavera P6 for schedule and project milestone tracking, SAP for financial budget and actual expended cost data, as well as an internal “home grown” database which stores cost and schedule data. The challenge for the Utility was to develop a solution for reporting of information from across all of these systems in a single, unified format… READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
Transportation Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) Project Management Information System (PMIS)Contract Management Interface, EcoSys, Primavera P6, Primavera Contract ManagementThe Measure R program represents a $40 Billion transportation improvement program to be performed over a 30 year period. To achieve the goals of the program, LA Metro would need the ability to deliver on management of several projects concurrently while maintaining current staffing levels. Greater organizational efficiency was required in order to achieve success. LA Metro needed to implement new software tools to facilitate greater reporting capabilities as well as provide greater transparency for all aspects of the program…READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
TransportationLos Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) Project Management Information System (PMIS) Public DashboardContract Management Interface, EcoSys, Primavera P6, Primavera Contract ManagementDashboard content is actively polled on a scheduled basis from the internal PMIS tools (Ecosys, P6) and through those from data in FIS and CM. This information must then be reviewed and corrections made prior to public consumption, and the Dashboard design must provide the tools to publish versions and also track the publication information for auditing purposes… READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
SanitationCustom Oracle BI Reporting for UnifierUnifier, Business Intelligence (BI)DRMcNatty created the data model required and the report layout based on the client’s original markup, successfully mining the data from the various table sources found in the Unifier data structure… READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
DredgingCustom Project Billing Solution for UnifierUnifier, Primavera P6, Business Intelligence (BI)DRMcNatty supported the creation of a Project Billing solution, including the integration of P6 data and custom web services in Unifier to automate the payment requests process. With the payment request approved, a custom BI report can be generated from Unifier to output the payment certificate document. The final component of the solution is the custom integration which extracts the Unifier billing data for loading into the EBS Billing Module... READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
TransportationPCM Migration (PCM 13.1 to 14.1) for a Major ImplementationSharePoint, Contract Management, Business Intelligence (BI), DRMcNatty provides implementation support to migrate a major instance of PCM from the older legacy version (13.1) to the new version (14.1) utilizing BI Publisher for Reports and Forms...READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
Natural GasRisk Assessment for Schedule Compliance, Health and Achievability. Primavera P6, Acumen Fuse, Acumen Risk A major contractor utilized Primavera P6 to build and maintain the project schedule. DRMcNatty’s used their schedule for a risk assessment to ultimately give the project team an output of a highly accurate risk-adjusted forecast... READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
ConstructionWeb Based TrainingPrimavera P6, GoToMeetingDRMcNatty provided one-on-one web based training from Southern California to Shanghai, China to effectively train new P6 users at an efficient cost and convenience to the client. READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesWater Service Operations DashboardCustom Dashboard, Web Framework,Ruby on Rails Database, PostgreSQL Charting Library, HighchartsDRMcNatty worked closely with San Diego County Water Authority’s project and IT departments to assess and determine the requirements of the WSO Dashboard. We gathered existing data into a prototype that we internally tested and evaluated. READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
Multiple Companies across the USAProject Support ServicesPrimavera P6, Primavera Unifier, Primavera Contract Management, Primavera Risk, Deltek Acumen, Asta PowerprojectOne of the biggest challenges our clients face is finding and retaining qualified resources on their projects. Often a client’s employees lack the necessary technical skills in the project controls software being used.READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesHeat Map ReportingPrimavera P6 and ExcelDRMcNatty was tasked with assisting development of accurate and usable project templates that reflect a true reflection of the individual project requirements and components. In addition, DRMcNatty worked with both the internal staff and the CM firm to develop accurate views of the work types and processes. READ MOREDOWNLOAD PDF HERE
TransportationImplementationPrimavera Unifier, Oracle DB, BI PublisherThis was a joint venture between DRMcNatty and another service partner. The client is a state agency responsible for the planning, designing, construction, and management of their transportation system. The client chose Primavera Unifier to support their new construction project initiatives, processes and document management. The Inspector’s Daily Report (IDR) was selected as the first process to incorporate within Unifier. The IDR logs material installed or work (Pay Items) completed daily as recorded by field inspectors and is then used to validate contractor’s pay items. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitesWaterSmart Landscape Makeover ProgramWeb Framework, Ruby on Rails Database, PostgresSQL Charting, HighchartsThe DRMcNatty development team worked closely with the SDCWA project and IT departments to assess and determine the requirements of the website. The DRM team then provided a draft prototype of an interactive web page developed in a non-proprietary tool-set that could be further maintained, as needed, by the SDCWA staff. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
TransportationContract Management InterfaceContract Management, SharePointA major transportation agency used a suite of project controls software to manage their projects, and desired to have contractors submit documents into this system in a secure manner while expediting the processing of these documents. This included Request for Information, Submittals, Change Requests and other Correspondence. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesP6 Program Management Implementation & Data IntegrationPrimavera P6, Custom Reporting and Design, P6 Implementation, Data Migration and ValidationA large utility company needed to facilitate clearing of areas around existing pipelines. It involved the removal and/or relocation of obstacles in the way of gaining access to these underground pipelines. There were over 20,000 projects included in this effort. The client’s objective was to clear a specified amount of these obstacles per month (recorded in miles) and most importantly per year. What they needed was a way to manage this large program and to maintain consistent progress in this effort with the ability to report on this progress weekly. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
TransportationP6 Scheduling and Staffing ServicesPrimavera P6 Pro, SAe Schedule Analyzer, Deltek Acumen FuseA client working on a portion of the California High Speed Rail project was looking for a consulting firm to rebuild their P6 schedule and provide ongoing support. This is a crucial portion of the project that includes over 40 miles of new rail alignment consisting of at-grade, tunnels, and a large viaduct installation. This client was also looking to satisfy their diversity requirements for minority, disabled veterans and small business participation. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesSunrise Powerlink HostingHosting for Primavera P6, Contract Management and One Touch PM. Services provided: Implementation, Training and Custom DevelopmentSunrise Powerlink is a high-voltage power transmission line by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in San Diego County, California and Imperial County, California. The 117-mile (188 km) long 230/500-kilovolt-power line brings 1000 megawatts of renewable energy from the Imperial Valley to San Diego County. The cost of the project was $1.9 billion for construction, and it is now considered a critical addition to the San Diego clean energy grid. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesUnit ForecastingP6 Portfolio Management, Documentation, Cost Schedule Integration, Reporting, Integration with Accounting SoftwareThe client portfolio consisted of over 700 utility company projects annually that were tracked mainly by miles of pipe (“units”) installed throughout the year. This was a critical metric that was reported at executive levels and to regulatory agencies. The portfolio was separated into specific types of construction and overseen by a program manager. The overall annual total metric for miles of pipe installed was definitive but the projects in the portfolio varied significantly throughout the year. The program manager utilized side spreadsheets to compile the data of current projects, actual and remaining units to forecast over time based on personal judgments. However, it was often unclear how the results were compiled from a detailed project level. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesConsolidated Construction ScheduleP6 Portfolio Management, Documentation, Cost Schedule Integration, Reporting, Integration with Accounting SoftwareThe client’s P6 annual portfolio included over 700 logic-driven schedules. The primary function of P6 was to plan and track the life cycle of the projects. One of the key stakeholders was the in-house construction group who planned and staffed crews. The construction group would initially plan using the P6 planned dates but then used a separate scheduling program for crew leveling and crew dispatch. Construction hour data was maintained in another system. Therefore they had two conflicting scheduling systems and wanted to have a more efficient unified enterprise solution.READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE
UtilitiesCost ForecastingP6 Portfolio Management, Documentation, Cost Schedule Integration, Reporting, Integration with Accounting SoftwareThis is a review of a successful cost and schedule integration which utilized the accounting system of record and P6 schedules to produce a cost forecast each month. The portfolio was over $400 million annually and the requirement was to forecast monthly expected expenditures for more than 700 projects. The forecast encompassed the entire life cycle of the projects. The previous method required the project managers and analysts to utilize their own method and side spreadsheets for forecasting the remaining costs for the year. However, forecasts did not usually align with schedules and the reporting deadline was an issue. READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE