Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Project Controls is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for managing project portfolios, controlling costs, and managing collaboration and communications across projects. The portfolio management provides planners and project execution personnel a common platform for the collaborative management of project portfolios to ensure the most efficient use of capital funds. Cost management provides automation, flexibility, and the power to handle the most complex cost control, cash flow, and fund analyses. Project collaboration provides configurable business workflows to capture and record all aspects of documentation required during project execution.

Primavera Unifier’s web-based platform fosters and controls the collection of project requests from across the organization. You can use preconfigured project attributes or configure your own forms. All prospective projects are available for inclusion in portfolio scenarios for comparison and ultimate selection for approval. Project information is displayed in an intuitive grid format for easy manipulation of large volumes of data.

With Primavera Unifier, you can create multiyear plans with information from ongoing projects rolling into subsequent period portfolios. In addition, you can manage multiple types of portfolios with different project types, with roll-up reporting across the entire organization.

Portfolio Dashboards can be setup for easy to read analysis


Budget and Funding Dashboard

PO Dashboard

Program Budget Dashboard

Tasks Dashboard

Primavera Unifier’s spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to tailor your costs sheets to match your existing standards

Cost management is essential to maintaining the financial integrity of any project, contract, or portfolio. Primavera Unifier includes best-in-class automation of all cost processes, including estimates, commitments, spends, variances, forecasts, and more. Constantly changing information is managed through the Primavera Unifier workflow engine, where budget changes, contract changes, and risks are all tracked to ensure decisions are responsibly made with current data. Managing these elements is enabled through the product interface or even directly from automated e-mails, increasing ease of use.

All costs roll up to a central cost sheet normalized by a robust cost code structure, where project cost information is available for drilldown by work package or for the entire project. All cost structures are easily configurable by an administrator.

The cash flow management feature is fully integrated with the business processes, cost sheets, schedules, and portfolio manager within Primavera Unifier and can also make use of data integrated from Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC) or Primavera P6 EPPM.

Cash Flow allows organizations to track project(s) across a multi-year period

Change Order Log

RFIs, daily progress reports, meetings, and submittals are the fabric that binds a project together. The ability to quickly record, access, and review these elements often determines the successful outcome of a project. With Primavera Unifier, everything about your project is stored in a single, secure place enabling visibility into any potential issues or delays via workflows and alerts. Primavera Unifier’s Web-based architecture allows internal and external users to access the information they need. Several standard business processes are available and preconfigured. This allows for quick implementation or a starting point to further configure to your specific requirements.

Document Manager

Primavera Unifier includes a robust Document Manager module. Whether high-level basis-of-design documents or detailed specifications, all documentation utilizes tight permission controls to manage access across the enterprise. Features include check-in and check-out, version control, and full text search for all Microsoft Office documents. Users can utilize Oracle’s AutoVue to view and mark files without the need to install the native application.

Unifier Mobile Application available in iOS and Android

Oracle’s Primavera Unifier provides a mobile application that allows users to be able to action and create new tasks whether the user is on-line or off-line. The support for off-line allows users on a job site or within a building with no connection to be able to create new Issues or capture the progress on a Work Order. Once available to be back online, the submitted information is uploaded to Unifier.