Finding the right managed hosting service provider is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses running capital projects today. The traditional model of hosting mission critical applications, documents and data on in-house servers was appropriate once upon a time, but the world has changed.

Where once the default option for managing projects was to deploy software on-site, and ask employees to access those systems from their desks in the office, nowadays companies need so much more.

In today’s world of fast-paced, dynamic projects, access to real-time information is mission-critical. It’s more important than ever to give your employees access to live information wherever they need it, whenever they need it.

Our staff and resources have decades of expertise in designing, implementing, and supporting our reliable and robust dedicated hosting environments for technologies specific to Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Controls, and Estimating.

  • Dedicated Hosting Environments
  • Secure
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable
  • Reliable

5 Ways You Get More


We’ve been in the project management solutions industry for nearly 3 decades and hosting solutions has been a fundamental pillar of our success. Our team of Estimators, Schedulers, Cost Engineers, Project Administrators, Project Managers, and Oracle Certified Trainers bring decades of field experience.


Enjoy peace of mind in the form of 24/7/365 expert support. Our Oracle certified technical support team monitors and responds to all customer requests, usually in less than 15 minutes! You are assigned a dedicated support expert so you can count on a familiar voice to help you through. Support is available anytime by using our toll-free number, contacting your designated support rep directly, or by using our online ticketing system.


We’ve launched hundreds of successful implementations, for companies both large and small. Your needs may be pretty basic at first, but what happens when your business grows? Our tiered pricing model supports growth within your organization with predictable, manageable monthly costs. We’re here to grow with you and help you manage the needs of your thriving business.


You don’t want to share your office with your competitor, why would you want to share your server space? We don’t do multi-tenant deployments for that reason. Your dedicated environment provides improved security, scalability, performance and flexibility.


Let us help you avoid common mistakes and costly pitfalls with our decades of experience. We have the technical expertise, training, and knowledge to optimize your applications, monitor server traffic, create systematic backups, continually upgrade your OS, and ensure your data remains safe from malicious entities. Our managed hosting is more affordable, more secure, and hassle-free. Available exclusively to our hosted clients, DRMcNatty provides custom web based utilities that are designed to save time and money by eliminating redundant data entry and providing role based user access screens.