DRMcNatty’s cloud solutions were created by our team of highly skilled developers and IT professionals. We build, deploy, and manage applications through our global network of datacenters. You get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.


ProjectStatus is a powerful web-based platform that allows you to access every aspect of your program or project from a central, easy-to-use, configurable web application.

Common Integrated Platforms:

Scheduling – Oracle Primavera
Cost Controls – Primavera Unifier, Primavera Contract Management, Microsoft Excel, Deltek Acumen
Estimating – Hard Dollar
Document Management – Primavera Unifier, Primavera Contract Management
Financials – E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, SAP, Deltek, Ares Prism
Repository – Unifier




Contract Management Interface (CMI) was developed by DRMcNatty to improve efficiency and allows customers to receive documents along with attachments, directly into their secured Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM) 13 or 14 database. Our customers have seen a substantial reduction in administrative work, improved project documentation, and significant cost savings.

This 100% Web-based (no Java runtime required) application resolves a common business problem for organizations that receive incoming documents and have to manually log them directly into PCM rather than provide the contractor full read/write access to the contract management database. With CMI, contractors have the ability to submit documents into PCM without direct access to the database. READ MORE…



The dashboard reporting framework, delivering clear and concise information, is the end result of experience working with customers of various sizes and industries. We understand that critical decision making data exists in many systems in your organization. These systems are often disparate and require is a non-evasive approach to enterprise level integrated reporting. This process offers a robust mechanism to collect information from a number of platforms, arrange and optimize them for reporting purposes, and deliver the information graphically through an intuitive user interface. Interactive organization and drill down capabilities allow quick access from the program oversight to resource detail. Learn more about how this solution can simplify your reporting needs and provide a central hub for your organization. READ MORE…


DRMcNatty can create custom reports that highlight the data that is most important for your project. By creating custom reports, you can track specific information that the default reports do not show. In addition, you can customize how members of your organization run, display, publish, and share project-specific data. READ MORE…