Why turn on time? When importing schedules into P6 or creating from scratch, it’s always a good practice to turn on time to make sure the activities are starting and finishing at the correct times. In Primavera, since a calendar is assigned to an activity, you have the flexibility to use many different calendars within a single project. So perhaps the engineering work is scheduled with an 8 hr / day, Mon-Fri calendar. That won’t affect the construction activities which can have their own 12 hr / day, Mon to Sat calendar. It’s very common to use many different calendars on more complex projects with lots of trades who might have their own unique calendars.

Steps to turn on time:

  1. On the Menu tab (at the top left of P6), select “edit” then scroll down to “User Preferences”. Select the dates tab and turn on either the choice for 12 hour or 24 hour.

adding time to dates

After you have turned on time, look at the start and finish columns in the activity view. You will now be able to check and confirm the activities are starting and finishing at the correct time.

adding time to dates

Side note: When importing, the calendars could have been set up incorrectly by a previous scheduler. Always check to make sure the calendar is right and to ensure accuracy of dates.

MS Project:

If importing a Microsoft Project file into P6, it’s recommended to turn on time to verify that the dates match. The tools use different calculation formulas.