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Shanghai Disney Resort


Shanghai, China

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P6 Web-based Training

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P6 Professional


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Web Based Training

DRMcNatty provided one on one web based training from Southern California to Shanghai, China to effectively train new P6 users at an efficient cost and convenience to the client.


Disney constructed its largest-ever theme park in Shanghai at a cost of $5.5 billion, and the resort needed to quickly train new Project Managers. Their PMs had no experience in P6 and required immediate, comprehensive training on P6 Professional, and only had a few short days to become experts. This was a globally-anticipated project that was under prolonged close scrutiny from the global press, amusement park fans, and the Chinese government.


There were several challenges presented by the client, including time zone difference, partial language barrier, legacy version of the software (P6 v7.0) and no availability of training materials (manuals).


DRMcNatty was able to load P6 v7.0 on a virtual machine and deliver the training to the client. For the time zone difference of +12 hours, DRMcNatty Senior Trainers would work into the middle of the night to provide training sessions utilizing GoToMeeting. The sessions were delivered in four-hour increments over the course of 3 to 4 days. With the ability to record all sessions in

GoToMeeting, we were able to pass along the recordings to the attendees, which allowed for review and a means to available training materials. The solution turned into a perpetual training opportunity for the client, as they are now able to review these recorded training lessons on demand and review them whenever needed for future employee training.


DRMcNatty was able to get the new staff trained in a timely and cost-effective manner, which did not involve any traveling to the client site. With this method of training, the client effectively saved thousands of dollars on travel costs. DRMcNatty was able to get the PM’s up to speed quickly on the program andallow them to schedule the sessions around meetings and other obligations of their job. Additionally, because this training was recorded, it could be utilized later when further training opportunities were needed, without any further expense.

Web Based Training

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26300 La Alameda, Ste. 250

Mission Viejo, CA 92691