Project Support Services

DRMcNatty provides high-quality, trained, and professionally supported project support staff on short- and long-term agreements.


Many clients ask for both temporary and long-term resources, including technical resources to support, manage, and use the systems that we implement for them. Clients don’t always have the time or desire to recruit, train, and deploy resources that are needed right away. Also, many projects have fluctuating staff needs that often expand or contract quickly and human resource needs can change on a daily or weekly basis.


One of the biggest challenges our clients face is finding and retaining qualified resources on their projects. Often a client’s employees lack the necessary technical skills in the project controls software being used. Project controls jobs are a fast growing segment of the engineering and information technology markets, and often client human resource personnel are not properly qualified to evaluate skill levels and practical abilities of these candidates. Finding the right people for the task is often a challenge, and then properly screening them for their prospective roles is another great challenge.


What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have the experience, knowledge, and training to select the best people based on the level of expertise you need. We ensure that each candidate has been properly trained and then we continue to support

and invest in that resource as the project progresses. We are one of the very few staffing providers who can and do provide the training and direct access to expert level support that ensures that you receive the highest level of return from our staff. You benefit from our high quality and fully supported staff resources at very competitive prices.


We have provided ongoing, short-term, and long-term resources for all facets of utility operations, major capital, and industrial projects nationwide. We have also worked closely with several state departments of transportation to solve a wide variety of critical staffing issues for our clients. We have helped train, staff, and implement programs across a wide variety of industries.

Additional Benefits

In addition to our staffing resources having access to our Vendor Certified trainers and implementation team, DRMcNatty actively supports a wide range of program information teams through our additional services:
• Dedicated, cloud accessed hosted environments
• Oracle Primavera Certified training and consulting
• Web Services integration and application utilities
• ProjectStatus brings in data from multiple sources and outputs insights across all of your program and project data

Project Support Services