EMWD Contractor’s Submittal Interface

Faced with hiring temporary project administrators to support an aggressive threeyear capital improvement plan, EMWD hired DRMcNatty to create a role-based web environment for contractors to submit project documents to them. By allocating the input to the contractors after a secured login, the EMWD saved a substantial portion of their own administrative costs.


Eastern Municipal Water District’s existing Inspector’s Daily Report system was cumbersome to use and support. They needed to make the daily report process more efficient and consolidate multiple daily reports into a single report. EMWD credits DRMcNatty’s process change with saving 45 minutes per day, per inspector, to create these reports.

EMWD Contractor’s Submittal Interface
EMWD Contractor’s Submittal Interface


EMWD has been using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) since 1994 to manage ongoing construction documents with their own internal staff. EMWD was planning to execute several unusually large projects over the next three years and was faced with the temporary hiring of additional project administrators to support these projects.


DRMcNatty created a role-based web environment for contractors to submit primary project documents to EMWD. Contractors created original documents in their own document management systems and then accessed simple web page that allowed them to fill in pertinent information needed for the PCM logs and attach their original documents for submittal.


The web screen, accessed after a secure login, makes it simple for a contractor to submit a document they create in their own system, into the EMWD’s Contract Management database. The application then imports directly into Contract Management, where EMWD’s staff manage the document just as they always have with Contract Management.
EMWD credits the application with reducing costs by reducing the staff and manual data input to support large projects. EMWD now uses the system across all construction projects and continues to enhance the system with automated workflows.