Contract Management Interface


Contract Management Interface (CMI) was developed by DRMcNatty & Associates, Inc. to help improve efficiency and allow customers to receive RFIs, Submittals, Change Proposals (PCO) and Daily Report Documents, along with attachments, directly into the Contract Management database. Our customers have seen a substantial reduction in administrative work and improved project documentation.

This 100% web-based (no Java runtime required) application resolves a common business problem for organizations that receive incoming documents and have to manually log them directly into Contract Management. With CMI contractors have the ability to submit documents into Contract Management without the need for extensive knowledge of the software.


Browser-based, Internet access to submit documents into Contract Management
Simple to use, no need for expensive training, just requires an internet connection and PCM license.
Eliminates the need for your staff to manually enter documents, saving you time and money!
Allows Owners and Contractors the security of separate interfaces
Run reports to check the status of submitted items
Automatic email notification and receipt for all document types
Save on license costs with the CM “light” web service license
Runs on any browser or device (iPad, Android, PC, Mac)