The Spitfire Project Management System Provides Problem-Solving Solutions to Your Project-Centric Concerns

A project involves finding the right balance of people, tasks, and finances. If you worry about details falling through the cracks and you want to minimize your risks, the Spitfire Project Management System can help you. Spitfire keeps track of your projects and related financial information, and alerts you to potential problems before they happen.

Spitfire Project Management System was designed to integrate both horizontally and vertically with other technology that your team relies on. This technology can exchange information with an accounting system, such as Microsoft Dynamics SL or Acumatica Cloud ERP, so that information flows seamlessly between the management and financial aspects of your project and the same info isn’t entered twice. Spitfire also works with your estimating software and other information you already have in Microsoft Excel.

Utilizing Spitfire connects your project file catalog with the designated cloud storage provider for the project (for example, Box.com or OneDrive) so that everyone stays in the loop with the latest updates to your project.

Current Technology
Flexible deployment and powerful integration go hand-in-hand with modern software architecture. If you are concerned that your current software is outdated and ineffective, the Spitfire Project Management System will put your mind at ease. Spitfire is constantly being updated to make use of newer technologies. Once you are on a maintenance agreement or subscription agreement, you will receive all updates and new versions free of charge.

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