Payment Request Interface (Primavera Contract Management Web Portal)

PCM replaced a legacy environment, improved staff productivity, automatically calculated data, provided easier to read screens and allowed the District to more easily manage Liquidated Damages.


Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) provides water service, sewage collection, water desalination and water recycling to western Riverside County, California. EMWD has an ambitious $484M, fiveyear capital improvement program. In 2013 they advertised 21 projects, which have a worth of $64M.


EMWD has been using Primavera Contract Management (PCM) since 1994 to manage ongoing construction documents with their own internal staff. EMWD was not managing Payment Requests in PCM because they required functionality not found in PCM. EMWD needed to add over 25 custom fields to PCM’s Payment Request screen, calculate multiple forms of Liquidated Damages as well as interface with EMWD’s Oracle Financials to improve their payment process.


DRMcNatty & Associates, Inc., (DRMcNatty) designed a browser based, “pop-up” environment that directly accessed previously generated payment requests in PCM to present custom fields in an organized tab format that validated and calculated input values. An interface to Oracle Financials populated values and current status as the monthly payment application process progressed.

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The application allowed PCM to replace a legacy environment and improve staff productivity, through automatic calculation of data and easier to read screens. The application also allowed the District to more easily manage Liquidated Damages based on the overall project, project milestones and administrative closeout penalties where necessary. Originally developed for the Windows version of Expedition, the browser-based version is now used in a secure hosted environment.

Payment Request Interface