Our Managed Hosting Services make project management a breeze

Finding the right managed hosting service is mission-critical

Finding the right managed hosting service provider is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses running capital projects today. The traditional model of hosting mission critical applications, documents and data on in-house servers was appropriate once upon a time, but the world has changed.
Where once the default option for managing projects was to deploy software on-site, and ask employees to access those systems from their desks in the office, nowadays companies need so much more.
In today’s world of fast-paced, dynamic projects, access to real-time information is mission-critical. It’s more important than ever to give your employees access to live information wherever they need it, whenever they need it.

Good managed hosting is mission-critical

Our cloud solutions save you time and money

At DRMcNatty, we know that large-scale capital projects require cost-effective, scalable, reliable solutions.
By utilizing Oracle Primavera project management applications in our secure, online cloud environment, we create suites of applications tailored to you and your business needs, accessible from anywhere around the globe.
No more decentralized data. No more lost files. Everything is stored in the right place, first time.
This approach represents a step-change as compared to managing your own solutions in-house. While it might feel comfortable to keep your systems on your own servers, in fact it’s likely to cost you more in the long run.

The hidden costs of self-hosting can mount up

Anyone who has lived through a procurement cycle knows how long it can take to choose, test and implement a solution of any size, let alone a critical piece of software.
Large and complicated projects require data to be synthesized from multiple locations so that it is accessible at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. Procuring and implementing a solution which can achieve that on your own servers is a tall order, even for the most data-mature of organizations.
Add in the staffing expertise that you need to develop and run an in-house system, plus the potential financial costs if you want to scale the environment up as your project grows? Suddenly the reasons to keep things internal that you thought were so powerful may not stack up any more.

The costs of self-hosting can easily spiral out of control


Data integration is the key to project success

In the world of capital projects, data integration is key.
Our managed cloud solutions, using the power of software such as Oracle Primavera P6 and Unifier, combine all aspects of your project into one place. From risk to budget, supply chain to stock control, all of your information is securely stored in our global network of data centers, and is reflected back to you in a clear, understandable format.

Data integration is the key to project success

Our customizable, intuitive dashboards give you an at-a-glance understanding of progress and risk, giving you the confidence to make real-time decisions based on real-time information.
Whether you want to schedule jobs, keep control of costs, or manage project documents, our secure online environment is designed to collect and report knowledge to the decision-makers who need it.
Moving to a managed cloud solution with DRMcNatty makes sure that every single person involved in your project has access to the same up-to-date information, at the same time.

Our track record with Primavera P6 and Unifier speaks for itself

As an authorized Primavera representative for over 30 years, we are experts in utilizing the best that P6 and Unifier have to offer.

Our Primavera track record is second to none

Our market-leading managed service solutions can cope with thousands of projects at the same time, integrating progress data with financial information to produce a clean, clear overview for the end-user.
We pride ourselves on being able to remain agile and responsive to business needs, and one of the key benefits of our managed hosting services is our proven ability to develop or grow a hosting environment in line with project requirements.
Our specialized staff have decades of experience in designing cloud solutions for major project partners, having worked with some of the largest utilities, transportation and infrastructure organizations in the United States of America.

DRMcNatty is the natural choice for managed hosting services

We don’t see ourselves as your external cloud hosting provider; we see ourselves as your partner in success. When you choose a managed hosting solution with us, we work alongside you to understand your challenges and constraints, allowing us to design you the best possible solution.
With the advantages that can be gained from moving your project management software to our secure, private cloud environment quite clear, we will help guarantee that you deliver your projects on time and on budget, every time.

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