LA Metro PMIS Dashboard

Having hired DRMcNatty to implement P6 into their program management system, LA Metro later requested a public interface system (dashboard) where select information is presented in a simple to understand format. DRMcNatty created a dashboard based on the live information in the project management information system (PMIS).


DRMcNatty and Associates, Inc., (DRMcNatty) assisted LA Metro to implement a program management system that included Primavera Contract Management, Primavera P6, MLM OPWebtools, Contract Management Interface (CMI) and Ecosys. These tools were further enhanced via data integration to the LA Metro accounting system. LA Metro has been utilizing these tools to manage their Measure R and other program-wide efforts.


LA Metro identified a need to publish select information from these data sources in a publicly accessible dashboard The Dashboard content is actively pulled on a regular basis from the internal PMIS tools (Ecosys, P6 and CM). This information must then be reviewed and corrections made prior to public consumption, and the Dashboard design must provide the tools to publish versions and also track the publication information for auditing purposes.


DRMcNatty designed the dashboard interface to pull in key program and detail-level data that can be published as a publicly accessible web-view. Dashboard would consist of simple elements/ portlets, and the data would be published in a clearly defined workflow process. Projects are organized into portfolios—currently only

La Metro PMIS

representing Measure R projects, but can be also used to include other projects/portfolios.


LA Metro is now publishing Measure R data to the public. This provides monthly progress reporting to the general public based on live information in the PMIS systems, and can also benefit LA Metro internally as a means to audit information found in the PMIS systems.
To see this solution live click HERE. To read about how DRMcNatty implemented the Program Management Information System, read the case study HERE.

La Metro PMIS