Deltek Acumen Risk

Acumen Risk
Acumen Risk helps you effectively account for and proactively reduce risk exposure resulting in an accurate forecast you can rely on.

Risk Overview
Acumen Risk is an integrated cost and schedule risk analysis tool that integrates a project team’s existing risk register into a highly accurate risk-adjusted forecast. Need to run a quick schedule risk analysis? Need to build a fully integrated cost/schedule risk model incorporating risk events and mitigation plans? No problem. Acumen Risk is designed to accommodate both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, Acumen Risk is incredibly powerful, analyzing thousands of activities in seconds while accounting for scope uncertainty, work complexity, risk events and opportunities. On the other  and, it is user friendly eliminating the statistical and logical complexities of building risk models against large project schedules.


• Users are leveraging Acumen’s intuitive slider bars to easily assign risk without manual entry – whether they are working on a small project or a large project that pulls in thousands of pieces of data from outside sources.

• The processing time for reports with Acumen Risk has also been reduced to minutes compared to hours with the company’s previous tool. No matter what the schedule size, users can input data, hit go, and minutes later have a formalized, easy to understand report.

• Many of the company’s government customers have been so pleased with the results that they’ve explored purchasing their own licenses.


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