Deltek Acumen Fuse

Deltek Acumen Fuse: Project Diagnostics
Deltek Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. No more time is wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work.

Evaluate and Eliminate
Deltek Acumen Fuse integrates directly with all major scheduling tools including Primavera and MS Project, using metrics (industry-proven standards as well as user-defined) to validate project schedules and report not just where the issues lie but also how to fix them.

Analyze it All… in One Place

  • Check key schedule characteristics including logic, float, activity sequencing, appropriate level of detail, cost, risk and Earned Value all in a single diagnostics package.
  • Analyze single or multiple projects and programs together and even compare changes over time.
  • Summarize your detailed analysis using the Fuse Schedule Index™ – a single schedule quality indicator giving you the means of both scoring the quality of your project as well as comparing it with industry benchmarks for a more comprehensive level of project analysis.

Report and Publish
Fuse reporting is designed to be hierarchical so that it accommodates planners, schedulers and executive’s needs. You can drill down, slicing and dicing through multiple levels (e.g., Work Breakdown) or by any other code or user field to quickly pinpoint potential issues with your schedule. Conversely, summarize detailed results and publish to project dashboards, executive briefings and PowerPoint presentations, all at the click of a button.

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