Many questions have been asked over the last few years regarding cloud and hosting services. Clients and consumers are needing to adapt to ever changing software and technology platforms. How many times have you heard these questions?

  • Why do we need cloud hosting?
    • There is a need for cloud hosting because there is no centralized location of data and it requires additional IT resources.
  • How can we manage multiple instances in multiple locations?
    • When your company is unable to summarize all company projects, costs and data because users are in multiple locations, we provide one central location for all project data.
  • Who do we turn to for systems issues, performance issues, errors, patches, running multiple versions of the software, upgrades for these multiple instances?
    • DRMcNatty dedicated support technicians are available 24x7x365 to make sure the client environments are always operational. This is included as part of the managed hosting service at no additional cost.

We are here to provide simple solutions to these questions that will allow organizations and IT Departments to focus on the necessary day to day operations.

Could your organization benefit from Managed Services?

Managed Services and the Cloud are center stage within the Project Controls industry now…and for good reason! Organizations have to adapt to rapidly changing technology and platforms which in turn, puts more stress on your organization’s IT resources to keep up with and manage this ever changing landscape.

Managed Services allows for these complexities to be outsourced to a single provider responsible for the reliable uptime of systems along with optimal performance. Picking the right Managed Services partner will allow organizations to better:

  • Consolidate geographically disparate teams and data
  • Resolve application version and patching compatibility
  • Dedicated support resources available 24x7x365

Managed Services offered by DRMcNatty allows organizations to leverage this latest strategy for organizational IT while doing so in a dedicated, private environment tailored to your specific needs.

Think of DRM’s Managed Services as a tool for your team to optimize your internal resources. Our advanced cloud infrastructure allows your team to efficiently run their project controls and other organizational software without dedicated IT resources. We provide dedicated hardware and the infrastructure from one of our global datacenters, supervised by experienced and knowledgeable technical staff. With DRM’s Managed Services, there is no need to worry about installing new hardware to keep pace with software upgrades. We manage both the software application, the technology infrastructure, including hardware, operating system, database, application servers, software patches and version upgrades with a team of certified specialists.

Secure Private Cloud Environments

DRMcNatty believes that organizations should have private, dedicated environments tailored specifically to meet their needs and provide optimum flexibility in managing their Project Controls. DRM does not support multitenant (shared) deployments. This practice provides improved security and scalability. Our U.S. datacenters meet requirements for SSAE 16 SOC Type II and III Certifications. A dedicated environment is a server, or group of servers that are dedicated to your organization. DRM hosts the infrastructure that forms the dedicated environment. Unlike in a shared environment, no other organizations share the resources; those are reserved for your organization’s use only. In a DRMcNatty private, dedicated environment, you may also have administrative privileges over the server, which means you are in control of how the server is being utilized. For example, you can install additional software provided that you have the appropriate licensing rights to that software (and installation of that software does not interfere with other software on that machine), and you can make your own code modifications to the installed software. You are able to perform actions that you typically would not be able to do in a shared environment (install custom plug ins or other software that extends the functionality of services you subscribe to).

Dedicated Support Staff

Each client will have their own dedicated representative for all support that includes questions, issues, user additions or subtractions, database management, upgrades, patching, etc. There will be no need to call and wait on hold for the next available representative. The support representative will provide email, phone and ticketed support.



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